At Hunter Insurance Services, we specialize in providing the best insurance solutions to protect your business. A Business Owners Policy safeguards your business against the most common risks with comprehensive and affordable coverage. Defending your business means protecting your financial assets, without overpaying for the coverage you need.

What is a Business Owners Policy?

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is the ideal insurance solution for most low-risk businesses. BOP’s combine multiple insurance policies into one, providing comprehensive protection against the risks your business is most likely to face. BOPs offer a strong security against a variety of risks and claims scenarios which threaten business owners across most industries.

Comprehensive Coverage Your Business Can Afford

Business Owner Policies typically combine the insurance coverage of a General Liability Insurance policy with Commercial Property protection. This combined coverage defends your place of business, your business assets, and your financial assets from the exposures you’re likely to encounter as a business owner or operator.

General Liability Insurance defends your business’ financial assets against lawsuits and claims arising from a broad spectrum of sources, including third-party property damage, bodily injury, premises and operations liability, and advertising injuries.

Commercial Property Insurance safeguards many of your business’ physical assets, such as the building you rent or own, or the business assets you have within. Threats from fires, vandalism, theft, and other common sources of damages are covered.

Business Owner Policies Protect Your Business Against

  • Third-party Property Damage
  • Third-party Bodily Injury
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • And more

Business Owner Policies provide an affordable insurance solution that will meet the needs of many business owners in low-risk industries. Hunter Insurance Services is the best place to secure the right insurance solution for your business needs. Let your team of business insurance specialists guide you through the process of securely safeguarding your business with affordable, money-saving solutions.

Is a Business Owners Policy (BOP) Right For You?

  • Your business faces unforeseen risks; don’t go a minute without defending it.
  • Getting a free insurance quote for your business is quick and easy.
  • Business Owners Policies provide an affordable solution that can save you money and time.

Hunter Insurance Services are business insurance specialists, and we work with business owners every day to help protect their businesses from risks and claim scenarios. We offer affordable coverage, low minimum premiums, and can finance most insurance policies. Call us today at (888) 815-7369 or complete the form at the top of this page for a free Business Owners Policy quote for your business needs.