At Hunter Insurance Services, we specialize in protecting your business with the right insurance solutions. Commercial Property Insurance defends your place of business and physical assets from some of the most common risks you face.

How Does Commercial Property Insurance Work?

Commercial Property Insurance protects your business property and physical assets from unforeseen threats such as vandalism, theft, fire, and severe weather. Whether you own or rent your place of business, Commercial Property can defend and protect your investment and assets.

Protect Your Assets Against Unexpected Damage and Loss

What assets have you invested in for your business? Do you own or rent a building, office space, or other physical space for your business? Whether you lease or own, an unexpected disaster could have costly consequences. Your business property includes more than just the space where you operate your business. You have inventory, supplies, furniture, fixtures, and other assets which you’ve invested in, too.

Commercial Property Insurance offers the defense you need in the event of an unexpected damage or loss to your business property. If a fire breaks out, damaging your building as well as your inventory, commercial property has you covered. If a break-in results in damaged windows or doors, stolen goods, and vandalized materials, Commercial Property can shield you against the loss. When the unexpected does occur, Commercial Property can help pay for the costs of repairs or replacement of your business assets.

Commercial Property Insurance Covers Your Business Property

  • Building Repairs
  • Fire Damage
  • Stolen Property
  • Equipment Lost
  • Accidental Damage
  • And more

Your financial investment in your business assets and physical property can be defended from risks and exposures with Commercial Property Insurance. Whether you lease your business space or own it, Commercial Property can protect your investment; from the building itself to your assets within.

3 Reasons to Request a Commercial Property Quote Today

  • Your business needs protection from damage and loss before an incident occurs.
  • Getting a free insurance quote is quick and easy.
  • Commercial Property Insurance is an affordable insurance solution.

Hunter Insurance Services are business insurance specialists, and we work with business owners every day to help safeguard and defend their investments. We offer affordable coverage, low minimum premiums, and can finance most insurance policies. Call us today at (888) 815-7369 or complete the form at the top of this page for a free Commercial Property Insurance quote for your business needs.